joi, 20 decembrie 2012

real steel HACK

Hack Features:
My Customize Robot
Gallery Unlock & Bought by me
Build your own Robot
Atom, Zeus, Twin Cities, BlackJack, Gridlock unlock and added

Real Steel Game

1. Install and close the game from multitask.
2. Download this file:
3. Place the files inside the Documents folder on .../Real Steel/Documents
4. Run the game.
5.  it works. ENJOY!!! :D

UPDATEThe DLC with Axelrod and the Winter Pack is ongoing. I'll upload it soon. Stay Tuned. ;)
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miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012

[HACK] Death Rally v3.0

use Ifile or something like it
Download>zip viewer>extract all>copy>paste/overwrite all in the app documents folder

All cars unlocked
All maps unlocked
All guns unlocked

Have fun :D

[HACK] Office Jerk

unlimited coins

1. Close the game  from the multitask.

2. Delete all files in /var/mobile/Applications/office jerk/libRary/preference

3. Extract the file and copy them with ifunbox or ifile into var/mobile/Applications/officejerk/library/preference

4 - Launch the game & enjoy :D

[HACK] Death Knight                                                           (ULTIMATE hack)

No Jailbreak required just iFunbox or file browser of choice

Hack Feature: Start from the beginning 
999,999,999 Gold

1. Install Game
2. Download zip file from here: Death Knight
3. Unzip file
4. Place file inside /Death Knight/Documents 
5. Launch game, choose the "continue" option and enjoy! :)


HACK call of mini:ZOMBIES

You will need iexplorer for this download here- 
And here is the hack download- ... 

Step 1-open iexplorer 
Step 2-Go to var/mobile/Applications
Step 3-click Call of mini zombies
Step 4-click documents 
Step 5-then drag the file you downloaded to its spot and if it asks you something pusk ok
Step 6-Enjoy the hack :) and please take the time to like this!!! :D

Cordy Sky HACK

This save game hack requires no jailbreaks, it gives you:

-999999000 Gears
-999999000 450m BOOST
-999999000 900m BLAST
-Gear Doubler

Start at the beginning of the game.

1 - Install the game
2 - Download the zip file from one of the links below :
3 - Extract it, Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox...) & Put the "CordySky_EncPurchasedData_new.bin" & "CordySky_EncPurchasedDataGear_new.bin" files that you extracted from the zip to your device :
/(Cordy Sky Installed Directory)/Documents/

[HACK] Jetpack Joyride

No jailbreak required

Hack features:

10,000,000 Coins


1:Close the game from multitask
2:Download this file Jetpack Joyride Hack here
3:Unzip it
4:Put the files in var/mobile/Applications/Jetpack/Documents
5:Enjoy the game!!!

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